A young woman refuses to be a victim any longer. Classic gothic suspense for readers who wonder what it feels like to avenge themselves against an unjust world.

Have you ever felt that way?

Volume 2: Who Knows When Death Arrives?

England, 1953…

This sequel to the first volume (Karavalitz, see below) picks up immediately after Alexis is recruited and trained by a special Vatican department that officially does not exist.

Her first mission: to hunt down a serial murderer whose ritual killings have been terrorising an English community. The local British authorities are not pleased by the arrival of a young foreign woman as demonhuntress, and the only witness is Neil, a withdrawn and hostile young boy who talks with the dead…

Volume II – YouTube Preview

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Prelude: 1888 – The Year of the Ripper (A Short Story Prequel)

In this prequel, one of Alexis’s ancestors reveals a little more of the background of The Demonhuntress universe.

“Interior artwork is painterly… with a unique drawing style, intricate and expressive… really well done. The story had a strong concept that goes far beyond.” – The DreamCage Media Group, UK

“Linnaeus masterfully shows us what a remarkable woman Faustina truly is. She’s smart. Her observations and thought processes are decades ahead of her time. She’s strong. She’s fearless. She’s everything women 135 years later will want to be.” – Indie Comix Dispatch, USA

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Volume 1: Karavalitz

Europe, 1934…

Alexis is a young bride who witnesses the sudden and violent death of her husband during their vacation in Europe in the old fortress of Karavalitz, where supernatural shadows from the past lurk under the hand of a formidable and ancient being.

This unseen figure is tied to the portrait of a lady who will haunt Alexis…

…and death itself will escape her in the face of her trials.

Verily I tell you that there are some who are standing here who will not taste of death until they have seen the Kingdom of God.

– Luke 9 : 27

19 years later…

Returning from the shadowy edge of death, Alexis seeks vengeance. But how can she find a way out of this new world… she who no longer ages?

Volume I – YouTube Preview

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What possible end is there for a young woman who cannot seem to die, yet cannot quite summon the will to live?

And in those days, they will seek death, and find it not; they shall desire to die, and death will flee from them.– Revelation 9 : 6

“With a solid character and plot, The Demonhuntress is an impressive debut. With the introduction of a woman demon slayer whose adventures will continue in future installments, and enough mystery and suspense to keep the reader intrigued for more, creator P. Linnaeus has created a story that is a refreshing addition to the gothic genre.” – Granite City Comic Culture, Scotland

“Linnaeus creates a world that is extremely engaging in no small part to the art style… the plot is a fascinating set-up.” – A Place to Hang Your Cape, United States

“A story that tantalises and makes the reader continue reading… thought-provoking.” – Amazon book reviews, Canada

“Painterly… intricate and expressive… a strong concept that goes far beyond.” – The DreamCage Media Group, California

“It’s good to see some women characters who take control of the action… the literary representation – it makes sense. The treatment is admirable.” – Victorian Legacies podcasts, England