1888, The Year of the Ripper

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A short story to complement the graphic novel series.

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In this short story, Alexis’s predecessor, an ancestor named Faustina, takes the role of The Demonhuntress. Set in 1888, in London, she goes face to face against the most notorious serial killer of all time… Jack the Ripper.

The French version is also available here.

“Interior artwork is painterly… with a unique drawing style, intricate and expressive… really well done. The story had a strong concept that goes far beyond.” – The DreamCage Media Group, UK

“Mr. Linnaeus was an army of one for this book… a lot of passion being put into a story. He masterfully shows us what a remarkable woman Faustina truly is. She’s smart. Her observations and thought processes are decades ahead of her time. She’s strong. She’s fearless. She’s everything women 135 years later will want to be.” – Indie Comix Dispatch, USA

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