Author’s Welcome

The Demonhuntress is a series that tells the story of a haunted young woman who roams this world… and beyond. Through historical ages. Into other-worldly dimensions.

As she is introduced in volume one, Karavalitz, she falls into a marvellous world of terrors. A dreamlike world. A nightmare.

Welcome. Enter and stay forever.

Chronological Order of Stories

XIX Century
The Diamond that Lived (Short Story #2)
1888 – The Year of the Ripper (Short Story #1)
The Drop of the Blade (Volume 3)
The River of Death (Volume 4, release date 2023)
XX Century
Karavalitz (Volume 1)
Who Knows When Death Arrives? (Volume 2)

Totentanz – Dance of the White Death (Short Story #3)

Indochina cycle of graphic novels (Volume 5 onward, release date 2024)

Paulus Linnaeus is both the artist and writer — that is, the creator of the universe where Alexis and her companions find themselves… and her enemies. A universe that continues to reveal itself. A world unbounded by natural limits.

Former professor, doctor, parachutist, military instructor, scuba diver, writer, poet, and musician, who has travelled and lived throughout the world, he has lived several lives and thus brings this broad perspective of life into his stories.

What elements bring forth from his imagination, and which are based on reality as we know it?

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