Volume 2

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Volume II has been delayed for the production of a short story which was completed in the last few days, and has now been released online (1888, The Year of the Ripper). The overall arc of The Demonhuntress story timeline, between these followups to Volume I, bring us both forward and backward in time.

Here’s the correct temporal sequence of events in the story arc:

  1. 1888, The Year of the Ripper (short story)
  2. Volume I – Karavalitz (graphic novel, set in 1933-1953)
  3. Volume II – title to be announced (graphic novel, set in 1953, and picks up from Karavalitz)

Essentially, the short story (1888) is a prequel, and to find out more, you’ll just have to read it! 🙂 Download a free digital copy here.

Here’s a preview of page 1, from Volume II.


Radio Interview

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Only recently have I become truly aware of just how much presence the cartoons, comics & graphic novel field has had in places like Canada, and not just recently. Most people tend to assume, probably owing to the vast scale of American media, that cartoons and comics are dominated by the US presence – and it seems to be such. On another note, I’ve also been more aware recently that Mexico has a very rich tradition of cartoons that continues to this day.

The following link is a podcast, for a radio interview with an independent company whose main interest is in exploring and expanding awareness of comic book creators in Canada – hence, their name True North Country (i.e. Canada, the true north strong and free, or something to that effect).


Then of course, there are the profoundly rich offerings in the French/Belgian world of bandes dessinées, and the Japanese animé and manga scene… but that is another discussion.

Ideally, the works of these artists from so many other cultures would be accessible to worldwide audiences in all languages, but that will take time. One gratifying thing that I have noticed, however, is something that I had never suspected: Japanese animé have now become mainstream in popularity among North American readers.

So there is always hope that the barriers will come down. 🙂

In the meantime, Volume II of The Demonhuntress is well on schedule to be released soon, around early 2021, and this time the production will be released in full colour.

Volume III is already being developed – in the conceptual stage – and that should arrive some time next year, later in 2021. For the third edition of the series, a prequel is envisioned in which Alexis will revisit an earlier time, as she travels to North Africa in the late 1880s, during a time of uprising under the colonial era.

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Volume 2 – behind the scenes

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A preview of page 36, from Volume 2 of The Demonhuntress, is presented below. But first, a neat trick: slide left/right on the pictures below to see before/after transformation.

Advanced reader copies of Volume 2 (in progress) will be coming out in the near future, for limited circulation.

Page 36 in progress
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Volume 2 – the sequel

Karavalitz (Volume 1 of The Demonhuntress) has been released on Amazon and if you have read this far, you may know that I have already started work on the sequel.

So far, the working title is still quiet, as I may change it. But the script is done, and work has already begun on the actual pages. This second volume will be in colour.

Thank you, all, for your interest in my work.

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Normally, you only live once…

Verily I tell you that there are some standing here who will not taste of death until they have seen the Kingdom of God.

— Luke 9 : 27

Alexis leaves her hometown of Montréal to be with her English-speaking husband… who dies suddenly and violently under sinister circumstances on their vacation in Europe.

And concealed within the ancient fortress of Karavalitz are dark supernatural elements, under the watchful and malevolent control of a formidable character of old…

Welcome to the phantasmagorical world of a young woman desperately searching for a way out… if there is any… where truth and reality mean little…

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The (re)birth of Alexis

Today is the birthday of a very special young woman for me, a unique circumstance for several reasonscirconstance unique selon ces quelques raisons…

Firstly, she lives in the limitless world of my imagination, among other characters whom you, dear reader, will soon meet. Thus she has lived for a long time… but not in any normal way – just as in the story.

Ironically, in a strange reflection of her own unusual existence, today is the 29th of February, the most unusual date, one that only comes rarely – exactly like the heroine of these stories.

Furthermore, the 29th of February is also Alexis’s birthday, born in 1916. In the middle of the Great War. In the midst of this savage struggle, without any certain outcome, a metaphor for her own life. You will come to learn more about her in the course of the story.

Why am I telling you all this?

Each and every one of us has one task that we absolutely must accomplish, without which there remains a gap in our life.

Telling these stories is mine.

Karavalitz: Volume 1 of The Demonhuntress