Cast of Characters

Welcome to the world of the demonhuntress… enter freely and of your own will.


Reluctant heroine, tortured soul

Alexis Strauss works at the McGill University library in the early 1930s. She wants to escape from the strictures of her daily life, in which society hinders women and francophones. For a brief period, she starts to see her dreams come to fruition: a bright new future with her ambitions within reach, a deeply supportive husband…

Then it all falls apart in a horrific and phantasmagorical way.

Fathers André and Xavier

Jesuit Priests

This duo of priests come into the story as Alexis’s protectors, as well as becoming her mentors.

But where exactly do they come from, and what else do they know about the mystery that surrounds her?

Jorg Saderre


This individual from the medieval era, possessed of surreal powers, schemes the diabolical plot against Alexis, and wants to take control… but why?

Apparently allied with the devil, he reaches into the modern world through an ancient portrait that keeps changing, and is linked to…


The Countess of Karavalitz

The other subject in the ancient portrait, she bears a disturbing resemblance to Alexis.

But if she also exerts her presence after four centuries, what was her fate during the Middle Ages?


Vatican agent

Julius is the commander of the Swiss guards, Anthony and Fritz, sent to accompany Alexis to the Vatican.

He avoids detailing his exact role to Alexis… for the time being.

Sister Blandine


She speaks little but misses nothing… and it was she who cared for Alexis without a word to say.

“Speak only when you must, and say only half of what you are thinking.”
– Alexandre Dumas, 1867

Father Hamel

Rector of St Michael’s Abbey

Monsignor Hamel is the Father Superior of the abbey that shelters Alexis. Wise and respected, he plans the opening moves against Saderre.

He is named in honour of the first European martyr of the 21st century.



Alexis’s deceased husband, his influence on her past is revealed in stages through glimpses.

The Demonhuntress Series