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Only recently have I become truly aware of just how much presence the cartoons, comics & graphic novel field has had in places like Canada, and not just recently. Most people tend to assume, probably owing to the vast scale of American media, that cartoons and comics are dominated by the US presence – and it seems to be such. On another note, I’ve also been more aware recently that Mexico has a very rich tradition of cartoons that continues to this day.

The following link is a podcast, for a radio interview with an independent company whose main interest is in exploring and expanding awareness of comic book creators in Canada – hence, their name True North Country (i.e. Canada, the true north strong and free, or something to that effect).


Then of course, there are the profoundly rich offerings in the French/Belgian world of bandes dessinées, and the Japanese animé and manga scene… but that is another discussion.

Ideally, the works of these artists from so many other cultures would be accessible to worldwide audiences in all languages, but that will take time. One gratifying thing that I have noticed, however, is something that I had never suspected: Japanese animé have now become mainstream in popularity among North American readers.

So there is always hope that the barriers will come down. 🙂

In the meantime, Volume II of The Demonhuntress is well on schedule to be released soon, around early 2021, and this time the production will be released in full colour.

Volume III is already being developed – in the conceptual stage – and that should arrive some time next year, later in 2021. For the third edition of the series, a prequel is envisioned in which Alexis will revisit an earlier time, as she travels to North Africa in the late 1880s, during a time of uprising under the colonial era.

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