Volume 2

Volume II has been delayed for the production of a short story which was completed in the last few days, and has now been released online (1888, The Year of the Ripper). The overall arc of The Demonhuntress story timeline, between these followups to Volume I, bring us both forward and backward in time.

Here’s the correct temporal sequence of events in the story arc:

  1. 1888, The Year of the Ripper (short story)
  2. Volume I – Karavalitz (graphic novel, set in 1933-1953)
  3. Volume II – title to be announced (graphic novel, set in 1953, and picks up from Karavalitz)

Essentially, the short story (1888) is a prequel, and to find out more, you’ll just have to read it! 🙂 Download a free digital copy here.

Here’s a preview of page 1, from Volume II.

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